Friday, August 15, 2008


After my last dining experience at Capital Grille, I thought I would take a break from the establishment for some time. Low and behold, family and friends from out of town, coupled with an American Express gift certificate dragged me right back to the Galleria in East Ft. Lauderdale. Still wary of the Darden Restaurant ownership nexus, I was not convinced this was the best command decision we had ever made.

I'm happy to report this experience was a positive one. If you haven't read my original review, please read it here. I was on high alert, and ready to pound them right into the ground. We started with a bottle of Clos Du Val Pinot Noir, and waited for the appetizers to arrive.

After my last experience with the chopped salad, I opted for "The Wedge" this time around. It consisted of a quarter of an iceberg lettuce drizzled with bacon and bleu cheese. Fairly simple,it was wonderful. Next came the Lobster Bisque. It was a bit better this time and had a fair amount of lobster meat. They still tend to use too much cream and too little lobster. We skipped the Shrimp Cocktail this time around

Enough with the small stuff. I wanted my NY Strip and ordered it medium-rare, and it came perfectly cooked and was quite tasty indeed. The Lyonaise Potatoes were money in the bank as always, the Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus, and Lobster Macaroni and Cheese were also excellent. Also ordered was a 3 lb Maine Lobster, and a Filet. The lobster was very good, but a bit pricey at $94. The Filet was excellent.

I had imagined that after my previous experience there was no way they could get it right. I'm glad to say they still still know how to cook and serve the brown moo. As usual the service was excellent and our server was very knowledgeable. This in no way excuses my previous visit; however, this was a major stride to placing Capital Grille and back on the preferred list. I still prefer the steak at Council Oak at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood but Capital Grill is making its way back into my good graces. For those who use American Express, Membership Rewards has Capital Grille on their list of gift certificates available for cashing in.

Let's face it, the premium steak houses are charging exorbitant prices for their meals nowadays. When one pays $35-40 for a steak a' la carte, it should be a darn good steak, not just okay. Lets hope the Grille can keep it up.


Blind Mind said...

Capital Grille is the best of the upper-mid range steakhouses (Mortons, Flemings, S&W), in my opinion. The one in Boston has a special that I believe they made a permanent fixture on the menu - Filet w/ main lobster and veg/potatos in a butter sauce. Its awesome and at about $40 is well worth it. I also like their wine selection and bourbon selection. Oh, and Im pretty positive that each lobster bisque has 3.2oz of lobster meat in it. I do agree that it can be a little heavy on the cream sometime though.

Jeff Feldman said...

I enjoy their wine selection too. Still say too little lobster! Let's hope that special filters down here. Thanks for reading!