Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where's the Beef?

For those who have not discovered the cornucopia of restaurants in the Downtown Hollywood area, I recommend a trip to explore the newly renovated area. There are several noteworthy restaurants; however, let's stick to the beef for today.

Beefeater's is located at 1902 Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of downtown. The ambiance is Argentinian, and Latin. The specialty of the house is the churrasco or skirt steak. I went for the executive lunch last week and was pleasantly surprised by their executive lunch special priced at $6.99. This includes a foot long plus churrasco, salad, and one side. You will not walk away hungry.

The service was very good and we were started with a piping hot basket of rolls and a glass of bottomless ice tea for starters. The salad that followed was basic, but tasty with it's bleu cheese dressing. It was time for the main attraction, the churrasco. Homemade chimichurri was placed on the table and the steak screams to be doused in the green confection. The sides were mashed potatoes (regular and sweet), rice and beans, baked potato or vegetables. The steak was ordered medium rare and served medium rare. The steak was tender, juicy, and cooked perfectly.

One may believe that Beefeater's lunch prices are too low for them to maintain their business. Before you think them into bankruptcy, last time I was there for dinner, they also serve free beer at the bar if there is a wait. The dinner prices are very reasonable, albeit not the bargain of the executive lunch special. You can be sure, the beef is right here at Beefeater's.

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